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Candlelight recessionalVISION

To be Christ for each other and for the world.


To be a loving and inclusive community, restoring people to unity with God and each other in Christ through prayer and worship. We are called to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people and to work, pray and give for the fulfillment of God’s realm.

Welcome to St. Stephens Parish, Santa Clarita, California!

We are proud to be a member of the Episcopal Church and the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

St. Stephen’s is a Believe It Out Loud Episcopal Congregation and part of the Integrity USA network.

“Our membership and leadership is comprised of the young and the old, the old-timer and the newcomer, married, partnered and single, gay and straight, rich and poor, and all other groups by adoption and grace.  We represent and celebrate the wonderful diversity that makes the Santa Clarita Valley what it is, and we seek to do that in faithfulness to the baptismal command to respect the dignity of every human being.  We strive to include a place for everyone around God’s table and believe there should be no outcasts in the Episcopal Church.”

The Episcopal Church
The Episcopal Church is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, with 70 million members in 163 countries. We are a community of Christians bound together by our belief that Holy Scripture contains the very core of all Christian faith. Through the many ancient, as well as modern, stories that connect us to Jesus and his teachings, we discover daily God’s hope and call to us in our life together.

St. Stephen’s
St. Stephen’s is one of about 150 congregations in the Diocese of Los Angeles. This diocese, like all others in the Episcopal Church, is headed by a Bishop who is the spiritual leader of the diocese. We also have two “Suffragan,” or “assisting bishops” to serve this largest diocese in the country. The Episcopal Church is the branch of the Worldwide Anglican Communion in the United States. The Anglican Communion is a global community of over 70 million persons spiritually aligned with the Church of England.

St. Stephen’s congregation was established and met for the first time on March 11, 1963. During the next several years various facilities within the community were used for worship. The original sanctuary, now Spurling Hall, was completed in April 1967 and was used for worship until November 1998 when construction was completed on our current sanctuary.

We are looking forward to continued growth and greater offerings of programs that this new worship space will allow.

On December 4th 2009, at the Los Angeles Diocesan convention, the Mission of St. Stephen’s Santa Clarita was approved to become a Parish in this Diocese of Los Angeles.

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