Becoming A Member

Initiation into the Christian faith is accomplished through baptism. This Episcopal Church recognizes as Christians those who have been baptized with water in the name of the Trinity. Baptisms are performed throughout the year.

Confirmation is the public affirmation of one’s baptism vows and the desire to continue in the Christian life through the Episcopal Church. Confirmation is conferred by the Bishop, usually at an annual celebration. Both baptism and confirmation require some preparation; see the Parish Priest for details.

All people may participate in any of the activities that St. Stephen’s offers even if they are not baptized or confirmed. Naturally, we hope that everyone’s journey with us will result in baptism and confirmation, but this is in no way intended to exclude anyone from full participation.

We want you to know we already consider you part of the family. Membership is quite easy and simple. To be a member you need to be known to the Church Office and be dependent upon the services of St. Stephen’s.

Here are some easy steps to membership:

1. Fill out a membership form with the Greeters or contact the Church Office, so we can send you our newsletter and keep you informed.

2. If you have been a member of another Episcopal church (currently or in the past), notify the Church Office to transfer your membership.

If you seek baptism for yourself or for a family member, contact the Church Office at (661) 259-7307.

Three times a year, we offer Newcomer Orientation to help introduce you to St. Stephen’s and the Episcopal Church. The dates will be announced in the Sunday bulletin or you may ask a Greeter for the schedule.

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