What We Believe

Altar at EasterWhy Church?

Worship helps to restore our relationship to God.

Worship allows us to feel the community support
during good times and challenging times.

Worship enables us to connect to the wisdom of generations of Christians.

Worship can assist us in acquiring those spiritual skills which open us to the mystery and wonder of God.

We come to join others who search for a deeper understanding of God.

We come to find strength to carry on in our daily lives.

Why the Episcopal Church?

As Episcopalians, we endeavor to balance scripture, tradition, and reason.

Our church has sometimes been described as “the thinking person’s church”.

We believe in the majesty and beauty of worship.

We are free to wrestle with the hard questions of life. We affirm God’s continual revelations.

We are a part of the Diocese of Los Angeles and the world wide Anglican Community.

We attempt to achieve a balance between the historic Catholic faith and the insights of the Protestant Reformation.

Easter (51)
Why St. Stephen’s?

We are dedicated to offering hospitality and a spiritual home to the young or old, rich or poor, married or single, gay or straight.

We welcome diversity and respect each person’s journey in faith as unique. All are invited without reservation to Holy Communion.

We are committed to the spiritual growth of individual parishioners and believe it is our obligation to reach out to the strangers in our midst.

We are called to reach out in compassion to the Santa Clarita Valley and to the wider world.

St. Stephen’s offers a broad range of opportunities, from Altar Guild to preparing the AIDS lunch, from teaching to volunteering at the homeless shelter.

Palm Sunday ProcessionAt St. Stephen’s, we strive to create a place where you can:

† Be in God’s presence

† Feel God’s love

† Be welcomed into God’s family

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