Youth & Children’s Ministries Policies

Please read and review the following important guidelines and policies. Thank you.

  • For the safety of our children we ask all parents to be sure to come sign each child in every week. In most cases, you can sign them in for their 9am and 10am programs at the same time. Be sure to sign them out as well unless they are brought to you during Eucharist. Please be sure your children are never unsupervised while at church. We love our children and want them to be safe.
  • Parents are asked to stay on the premises while their children are here on Sunday. Because this may not always be possible, we ask every parent to complete the medical release form on the back of the registration card. Thank you!
  • Parents are always welcome to stay with their children and participate in our programs.
  • There is no charge for any of our programs in Youth & Children’s Ministries. The money needed to run these programs comes from the pledges made each year to St. Stephen’s by its members. We very much appreciate your generous pledge.
  • This is a volunteer supported ministry. Please get involved and volunteer whenever you can. Together we make these programs great.
  • Children are expected to remain in the same Sunday School class through June. Changes are occasionally made to accommodate certain special needs. Please see the Rev. Kelly O’Connell if you have any concerns.
  • Parents of preschoolers are asked to stay with them the occasional Sunday when we combine classes for special events and occasionally at other times when we have need for more adult participation.
  • Parents of children who are having difficulty separating or are having any behavior problems may be asked to stay and help in their child’s class.
  • It is very important that young people bond with adults other than their parents and feel free to have open discussions. For these reasons, parents of youth members (grades 6-12) are not asked to volunteer in youth programs as often. We often need chaperones or drivers for youth events and would appreciate your volunteering to assist in this way. Thank You!
  • Youth Group members (grades 6-12) are able to sign themselves into class and will be released without a parent checking them out. We are concerned for the safety of our youth and ask all parents to discuss safety with them. We have an open campus and many people walk through it. We ask youth to be cautious and never to be alone. We love our young people and always want them to be safe.

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