Major Life Events

Notable spiritual events in life require careful consideration and preparation

Holy Baptism * Confirmation/Reception * Holy Matrimony * Funeral 

The most singular events in one’s spiritual journey represent major milestones not only in their life but in the lives of their friends, family members and the Christian community itself. Accordingly, great effort is made by the parish to prepare those involved in making these lifelong commitments of faith.

Wedding Each milestone event (Holy Baptism, Confirmation/ Reception, Holy Matrimony or Funeral) requires thorough consultation with one of St. Stephen’s priests. Not only do event dates need to be settled on, but significant spiritual preparation is essential – and required by Church canon – well before the actual event occurs.



If you are contemplating one of these major life events, please contact the Church Office at 661-259-7307 to set up an appointment to begin the preparation process with one of our clergy.

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