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Fellowship Activities

Wonderful — and fun– activities are scheduled throughout the year for all interests and age groups. Events include game nights, dinners (potluck and otherwise) and many more. All events are announced well in advance. Please plan on joining us and getting acquainted with your fellow parishioners in a relaxed social setting.


Daughters of the King
Sages Holy Mackerals
Men of St. Stephen’s Order of St. Luke the Physician
Prayer Chain Reading Group


Daughters of the King
The Order of the Daughters of the KingThe Daughters of the King is an international order composed mainly of women in the Episcopal Church, although there are Roman Catholics and Lutherans as well. Its members have pledged themselves to a rule of life incorporating prayer, service, and evangelism. The women live ordinary lives but are more intentional than most about the observance of their baptismal vows. A required 12-week period of training and discernment gives a prospective member time to experience these elements before she makes a commitment to join the order.

There are about 600 members in this diocese, 17,000 overall, and they are recognizable by the silver Cross of the Order, which they wear habitually, or as their habit. Daughters meet in small local groups known as chapters, with a program devoted mainly to spiritual development. These women raise no money in the name of the order and take no stand on any issue.

The Daughters chapter at St. Stephen’s, chartered in November 2000, has chosen the name Woman at the Well, since the purpose of the order is evangelism and this Samaritan woman is widely regarded as the first evangelist. Explanatory brochures may be found in the tract rack in the narthex, and any Daughter would be happy to discuss membership. Please contact the church office at (661) 259-7307 if you are interested in speaking to a member of the Woman at the Well Chapter.

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Holy Mackerals
This group assists our clergy when they conduct funerals, memorials and weddings. Since most of these events occur on weekdays, needed are retirees or stay-at-home people to serve as acolytes, lay readers, ushers and chalice bearers. Call the office at (661) 259-7307 for more information on joining this valuable ministry.

Men of St. Stephen’s
Mission Statement
Welcoming all men from St. Stephen’s parish, the Men’s Group is an informal organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship in a variety of activities throughout the year.

This group is open to all adult men of the parish and is designed to foster camaraderie, spiritual growth and service to the parish community. Meetings and retreats are scheduled throughout the year and are announced well in advance. All men are encouraged to come to as many events as possible.

Contact the church office at (661) 259-7307, or Rod Schluter President / Dr. Dave Marrow, Secretary for further information


Order of St. Luke the Physician
The International Healing Order of St. Luke the Physician is an international Holy Order of Christians founded in 1932 at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, in San Diego, CA.

The Order has been a ministry at St. Stephen’s for about 10 years and is currently lead by two Convenors, Malcolm Blue and Richard Holdredge. On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, at the 7:45 and 10:00 AM services, during Eucharist, those wanting healing prayer go to the Chapel after receiving communion, where we will anoint the person with Holy Oil, do a laying on of hands, and pray for the requested healing.

We also will visit hospitals, nursing homes or residences upon request. Call the church office at (661) 259-7307 to schedule such a visit.

Prayer Chain
Every week, the Sunday bulletin contains a list of those for whom prayers have been requested. At home, in whatever fashion works for them, there are roughly 40 members of St. Stephen’s Prayer Chain holding these names up to God in daily intercessory prayer. It is largely an electronic operation: The names come to the coordinator from the clergy, from the church office, and from members of the parish and the pre-school by any means available and are then disseminated to the prayer chain via email. If further information is available later, updates are included.

Anyone who is willing to give a few minutes of time each day is welcome to join; there are no qualifications or special skills other than dedication and an ability to refrain from gossiping about the list.

Further information may be obtained from the coordinator, Florence Krejci, or through the parish office at (661) 259-7307.

Reading Group
This group meets monthly to discuss a literary selection chosen by the group. Both fiction and non-fiction titles are used. Meetings are normally held the first Wednesday of the month from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the Sacristy.

This group of active seniors meets monthly for fellowship at a local restaurant or for a potluck at a member’s home. We support church outreach efforts and fund raisers, send birthday cards to church members, and give solace to parishioners when needed. Sages

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