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Worship at St. Stephen's

Worship is integral to our relationship with God, so we direct much thought and effort to providing the most meaningful and beautiful forms we can muster.

  • Moving and varied forms of music, strong and relevant preaching and deep spirituality in prayer are central to this process. 

  • The Holy Eucharist is the central service of our church and it is celebrated every Sunday at St. Stephen's.

Here, every person is invited to partake of The Holy Communion if they wish to do so. We set no barriers between people and God's table. 

Our Worship Programs include:
  • Music - Adult and Youth Chorister Choirs; special musical services throughout the year; "The Stones" Praise Band, Jazz Vespers, and guest performers.

  • Acolytes serve at the altar at all services

  • The Altar Guild cares for our holy spaces

  • The Holy Mackerels provide altar assistance for special services such funerals



Every Sunday at

7:45 am and 10:30 am


Eucharist service
Every Wednesday at 7:00 am 

Listen to some of our Music Worship services:
Blessing me St. Stephen's Jazz Vespers
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